About Us

Farm Bureau® is a membership organization controlled by farmers and others who join the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB®) through their county Farm Bureau. There are 95 county organizations in Illinois.

The Illinois Farm Bureau was founded in 1916 by a group of farmers who met at the University of Illinois to discuss the need for education, better information, and more effective farming practices. Today, IFB® represents two out of three Illinois farmers.

Early on, IFB® was involved in passing legislation and lobbying lawmakers about agricultural issues. At the same time, county Farm Bureaus provided a professional staff in accessible locations around the state. Together, IFB® and counties were instrumental in bringing soil and crop specialists to each county.

The Henry County Farm Bureau® was formed in 1917.

Meet our Board of Directors

  • President: Dennis Verbeck
  • Vice President Organization: Steve Nightingale
  • Vice President Legislation: Jan Weber
  • Secretary: Dave Westerlund
  • Treasurer: Brian Corkill

Township Directors

  • Alba: Sadie Asher
  • Andover: Gene Stromquist
  • Annawan: Shane McKibbon
  • Atkinson: Tim Holmstrom
  • Burns: Brian Boelens
  • Cambridge: Lindsey DeDecker
  • Colona: Megan Dwyer
  • Cornwall: Greg Decker
  • Clover: Wade McLaughlin
  • Edford: Todd VerHeecke
  • Galva: Jim Larson
  • Geneseo: Jim Ufkin
  • Hanna: Joel Goetz
  • Kewanee: Jason Cheline
  • Loraine: Brandan Weber
  • Lynn: Matt Swanson
  • Munson: Karen Lyman
  • Osco: Jon Chamberlain
  • Oxford: Dave Schmedt
  • Phenix: Scott Jordan
  • Weller: Kevin Schwartzkopf
  • Western: Andy Dahl
  • Wethersfield: Kate Huffman
  • Yorktown: Rob DeFauw

Contact Information

128 N. Prospect Street
Cambridge IL 61238
(309) 937-2411
FAX (309) 937-3960

Manager: Katie Laleman
Administrative Assistant: Mallisa Sandberg