Henry County Farm Bureau® Committees

Become involved in a Farm Bureau Committee!  Contact the Farm Bureau for more information.

Legislative:  Inform members and other groups of Farm Bureau policy on legislative matters.  Participate in district and state Farm Bureau legislative meetings.  Contact Legislators and Congressmen when requested.  Assist the county Farm Bureau on any legislative issues when requested.

Policy Development:  The committee shall organize and conduct activities, which encourage members input on issues affecting agriculture and our county.  The suggestions shall be arranged in the form of resolutions, as required by the Illinois Farm Bureau, and voted on by the Henry County Farm Bureau Board for approval. 

Sponsor market outlook seminar series, holding four seminars each year in conjunction the Rock Island County Farm Bureau.  Request and help develop new programs of marketing affiliates.  Help keep membership informed on developments in marketing.  Sponsor educational programs on key marketing problems.  Screen and evaluate ideas on market improvements.

Membership:  Committee activities include Membership Drives, Promotions in Area Parades, Perfect Attendance Awards for Directors, County Fair Booth, Directors & Agents Outing.  Committee develops membership promotions of various types and assists directors in signing new Farm Bureau members.

Public Relations:  "Create a favorable image for farmers, for the Farm Bureau and for Agriculture".  Provide advertising in local area to inform about Henry County Farm Bureau member benefits and educate general public about production agriculture.  Provide advertising in urban areas to inform the non-farm public about agriculture.  Publish regular articles in local and regional newspapers.  Encourage TV news directors and reporters to do segments on production agriculture and the many segments directly and indirectly impacted by farmers.

Educate consumers and students about agriculture; Promote farm safety to farmers, children and adults; Work with other agencies, affiliates and organizations in the county to educate the public about Henry County agriculture.

To promote health and safety to the agriculture community and the non-farm public.
Educate young drivers on safe driving when sharing the road with farm equipment.

The Henry County Farm Bureau Women strive to promote agricultural products in Henry County and work to further educate the public about agriculture.  The Farm Bureau Women conduct programs such as School Library Book Donations, Farm Safety Awareness, Commodity Promotions and Ag Week Publicity.