Young Leaders

The purpose of the Illinois Farm Bureau® Young Leader Program is to enhance the effectiveness of the organization through leadership development and participation in Farm Bureau programs.

The Young Leader program is committed to providing education opportunities focused around agriculture for 18-35 year olds that are involved in the agriculture industry.

Illinois Farm Bureau's Young Leader program tackles the unique needs of men and women 18-35 years old, who have passion for all aspects of agriculture. Whether you are a farmer, work in agribusiness or desire to support the food and fiber industry, you will discover new friends, business opportunities, and ways to make a difference in your own backyard... and around the world.  

Henry County Farm Bureau Young Leaders
     Chair:  Kate Huffman
     Vice Chair: Trent Fransene
     Secretary: Logan Van Rheenen

The Henry County Young Leaders hold monthly programs, meetings, community service activities or social events in the county.