About Us

Farm Bureau® is a membership organization controlled by farmers and others who join the Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB®) through their county Farm Bureau. There are 95 county organizations in Illinois.

The Illinois Farm Bureau was founded in 1916 by a group of farmers who met at the University of Illinois to discuss the need for education, better information, and more effective farming practices. Today, IFB® represents two out of three Illinois farmers.

Early on, IFB® was involved in passing legislation and lobbying lawmakers about agricultural issues. At the same time, county Farm Bureaus provided a professional staff in accessible locations around the state. Together, IFB® and counties were instrumental in bringing soil and crop specialists to each county.

The Henry County Farm Bureau® was formed in 1917.

Meet our Board of Directors

  • President: Steve Nightingale
  • Vice President Organization: Heather Poppy
  • Vice President Legislation: Brian Corkill
  • Secretary: Kevin Schwartzkopf
  • Treasurer: David Westerlund

Township Directors

District 1 - Townships:  Colona, Hanna, Edford, Western, Osco, Munson
Emily Baum
Jon Chamberlain
Bridgett Wildermuth
Dan Wolf

District 2 - Townships:  Phenix, Loraine, Yorktown, Geneseo, Atkinson, Alba
Brian Daniels
Greg Decker
BJ Weber
Tim Yager

District 3 - Townships:  Lynn, Andover, Cambridge, Oxford, Clover, Weller
Thad Curry
Dave Schmedt
Lisa VanWatermeulen
Evan Youngren

District 4 - Townships:  Cornwall, Annawan, Burns, Kewanee, Galva, Wethersfield
Jim DeCrane
Justin Frank
Kate Huffman
Steve Krause

Gary Asay
Sadie Asher
Hilary Boelens
Scott Jordan
Jim Larson
Pat Martens
Jan Weber
Bill Wyffels

Contact Information

128 N. Prospect Street
Cambridge IL 61238
(309) 937-2411
FAX (309) 937-3960

Manager: Katie Laleman
Administrative Assistant: Chelsea Vyncke

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday:  8:30am-4:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: Closed